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A Fresh Start with Fall

Fall is in the air. You can smell it.  A crisp breeze with a whiff of fallen leaves.

If you're like me, this specific changing of seasons evokes some strong (and delicious) memories. Things like gold and crimson foliage, pumpkin baked goods, and the cozy hug of your favourite knit sweater. But the one memory I hold most dear is the anticipation of the new fall semester: back to school. 

Unfortunately there comes a time in every adults life when back to school is no more. Instead life becomes a series of days, weeks and months that have a tendency to just blur together. And if you happen to live in a city with a 20 degree weather variance, you're very likely to just wake up one morning to discover it's winter. 

What I miss most about back to school is the fresh start, the clean slate. It signaled new beginnings where anything could happen. You could take the course that would inspire your career or get partnered with a cute classmate. Possibilities were limited only by the daydreams you had during economics lectures. 

The point is, this season has always marked a time for fresh starts and new opportunities. I would like to encourage that tradition.

Fall is the perfect time to start implementing the healthy changes we keep telling ourselves we're going to make. So instead of waiting until the hoards of New Years resolvers join the gym in January, why not do it now? Not only will it be less crowded, but your metabolism will be so revved from the dumbbells you'll be pushing that Christmas festivities can be enjoyed guilt free.

Still yearning for the classroom? Why not try a new fitness class.

Group fitness has long outgrown its awkward phase of pink weights and leg warmers. Classes are now available for literally everyone. From cycling, to Bootcamp, to dance and HIIT training, the list is endless. And unlike your economics professor, these teachers are there to make it fun. Cute partners are also a distinct possibility.  

Fall is also the best produce harvest.

Supermarkets and farmers markets are always brimming with colourful earthy treats this time of year. If adding colour and "real food" to your diet are your goal, you can't beat fall for fresh and local. And thanks to Pinterest, there's a whole database of the internets best recipes to keep dinnertime savoury and exciting. 

So how about it? Let's make fall a time to get back to our best self.

Instead of viewing the cooling weather as a sign of the cold and dark to come, view it as an opportunity. With the sweat and insanity of summer behind us, take this time regroup and implement positive changes that will leave you feeling happier and healthier. 

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