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Sarah Buell

Media Producer

& Fitness Instructor


I always knew that media was my jam, I was just never sure in which form. Today I’ve realized it’s pretty fluid. 


My journey started in grad school where I thought maybe I might be the worlds next great investigative journalist. Although I did get to do a cool piece in India for Al Jazeera English, this wasn’t exactly the case. Instead, my career took a turn toward unscripted television with a few Documentary films sprinkled in. 


So instead of exposing drug rings or political scandals, I wound up in a variety of roles making content for networks like, The CBC, Knowledge Network, Slice, Food Network, Investigation Discovery and Rogers. 


Although fun while it lasted, I’m always up for a new challenge. So these day you can find me in the Brand Production department at Lululemon.  Merging my passion for fitness with my cultivated skillset, I produce photo and video shoots. 


The adventure still isn’t over though. I’m a sucker for a great story and love a good side hustle. 

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"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."

-John F. Kennedy


A good sweat always makes things better. For real. I personally love it so much I decided to step up my fitness game and get certified as a personal trainer. 

These days I've taken to teaching fitness over Zoom. You should join me. It's fun. Book a class here.


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